AMZ ToolKit
What is the AMZ Toolkit
Automate Your Amazon Sales with AMZ Toolkit. This is a Powerful Way To Scale Up Your Amazon Business And Grow Your Audience‌.

Why Do You Need the 'AMZ Toolkit' ?

Level Up Your Business on Amazon with The Ultimate Chatbot Automation from AMZ Toolkit. This is a Powerful Way To Scale Up sales on Amazon and Grow Your Customer Audience while saving a ton of time and money. You will:‌
  • Rank your products and increase sales on Amazon
  • Run powerful and fully automated rebate/cashback promotions
  • Easily manage all your products with our dynamic flows (no duplicating flows)
  • Protect your account and product listing from unfavorable shoppers
  • Automatically verify customers' orders and minimize fraud
  • Track every step of the customer journey within the chatbot
  • Build up your reviews and automate review verification
If you are a Small Brand, Big Business, or a Marketer managing an Amazon store, you might be wrangling with expensive 3rd party services to automate your flows and ranking your products & get badges like the #1 Best Seller and Amazon choice!

Filtering your audience and get only good reviewers!

You can use the application action "Get Account Insights" to know more about your buyer before continue with them.
Get info for Reviewer:
  • Name
  • Ranking
  • Total Reviews
  • Helpful Votes
  • Last Review Date
  • Total Hearts
  • The Categories Reviewer is interested in
  • Number Of 5 Stars Reviews
  • Number Of 4 Stars Reviews
  • Number Of 3 Stars Reviews
  • Number Of 2 Stars Reviews
  • Number Of 1 Stars Reviews

Doing standard eCommerce marketing? Bring your Amazon store inside FB Messenger 😍

After you choose wisely your reviewers depend on the information which you get from "Get Account Insights" you can use the Shopping Actions to send your products to the reviewer so he can go and finish his order by clicking on the "Add To Cart" Button which will take him directly to his cart to pay, so he will not get a chance to see the competitors products and change his mind 😎​😉​‌

Have more happy buyer by distributing coupons!

You can use the ranking tool "Get Coupon" to send a unique coupon to your subscriber which will be valid for them for 24 hours.‌
You can add your coupon list to the application and the app will handle everything for you!‌

Know when a buyer finishes his purchase

You can be the first one to know that your buyer already finish his order and bought your item by using the app trigger "Order Placed"‌
You can use this trigger to know once your buyer purchase your item and automatically get his Order ID & send a flow congrats him and schedule a sequence to check if he got his order after 3 days by using "Delivery Confirmation" Action‌
Once you get a true response from the "Delivery Confirmation" Action you can use the "Create Review Link" Action which will automatically generate a 5 star link to review the item which your subscriber purchased.‌
Which will allow your buyer to easily leave a 5 stars review for you.‌

Verify if your end user left a review for your product 😎

You can stop worrying about checking if your end user left a review or not by automating this process using the "Product Reviewed Confirmation" Action‌. You must get the Amazon Profile Link for this to work.
You can set up a sequence to check after (1) day if the customer successfully reviewed your product or not and create a flow to remind them automatically if the action response is False.
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